September 22, 2019

Amar Khan’s new project aims to break stereotypes

Known for rehearsing the unconventional character of a dayan (witch) in the supernatural thriller Belapur Ki Dayan, Amar Khan currently appears in a four-episode Roop production, as part of the Angeline Malik series, called Choti Choti Baatein.

The first part of the four episode series aired on Sunday and told the story of a girl named Zeena, who is constantly judged on her appearance to the point that she develops an inferiority complex. However, the story changes when he meets Rayan, rehearsed by Muneeb Butt, and they both develop feelings for each other.

“Roop highlights how people, especially girls, are judged based on their appearance,” Amar Khan told Instep, adding that “this is a relevant issue as constant judgment and body shame leave girls disappointed and they destroy his personality. “

According to the actress, she rehearses the role of an innocent and studious Zeena, who wears nerd lenses and does not believe in investing in herself, in regards to her appearance.

“She firmly believes that what matters is competition and inner beauty,” he continued. “Zeena is constantly criticized for the way she dresses. However, he meets Rayan, who falls in love with his honesty and skills; how good he is at his job and his appearance doesn’t bother him.

Written by Pareesa Siddiqui, the miniseries introduces Mehmood Aslam, Rubina Ashraf, Ghana Ali and Lubna Aslam, as well as Amar Khan and Muneeb Butt.

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