September 22, 2019

In foreign policy, there are no permanent friends or enemies: FM Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi described foreign policy challenges and interests as interrelated on Tuesday and said there are no permanent friends or enemies among nations, but interests.

Speaking at the inaugural session of a two-day seminar with the theme “Pakistan’s foreign policy in a changing world”, organized by the Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency of Pakistan (PILDAT), Qureshi said that foreign policy could not be formulate in isolation, and added: “It is a dynamic process that seeks to meet the internal needs and external environment of a nation.

“The Foreign Minister said that Pakistan’s current interests include socio-economic development, working towards a peaceful neighborhood, protecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity and finding a solution to the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with Security Council resolutions of the UN and also according to the aspirations of the people of the valley.

He said that the illegal and unilateral act of India on August 5 not only undermined his promise to the international community, but also increased the humanitarian crisis after he reinforced the occupation through more troops and weapons.

He said unarmed innocent civilians opposed the gross power of the Indian army that used pellet guns to quell their protests.

The chancellor mentioned that more than eight million cashmere were facing an inhuman military siege and repressed their lives without access to basic facilities such as food, medicine and communication.

He said that in the last four weeks, Pakistan undertook a diplomatic wave with immense responsibility and moderation, expressing concern that India could carry out a false flag operation or a misadventure on the Control Line to divert attention from its crimes.

“We have the firm determination that if India chooses the path of aggression, Pakistan would be completely ready to defend itself,” he said.

The Foreign Minister said Pakistan had degraded its relations with India and also suspended bilateral trade in addition to rail and bus services and was also reviewing other bilateral agreements.

He said Pakistan would take every opportunity to sensitize the world community about the sufferings of the people of Kashmir.

“The biggest challenge for our foreign policy today is how to deal with the Hindu ideology and maintain and add momentum to the moral, political and diplomatic support for the just struggle of the cashmere for their right to self-determination while preserving peace,” he said. . .

In Afghanistan, Qureshi expected a breakthrough in the future after talks between the United States and the Taliban.

“While the dialogue is underway, we sincerely hope that it will pave the way for lasting peace.

Pakistan will continue to facilitate the process of lasting stability, “he said.

The foreign minister said that convincing the world about the inherent benefits of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was another major challenge.

He called the strategic ties between Pakistan and China as “anchor of stability in the region.”

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