September 22, 2019

‘Indian agent’ arrested from Torkham

PESHAWAR: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested a resident of Karak on Monday for his alleged links with Afghan and Indian secret agencies.

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The deputy director of the FIA ​​against human smuggling, Imran Shahid, held a press conference in Peshawar to share details about the development.

The FIA ​​official said the alleged ‘agent’, Umar Daud Khatak, was arrested at the Torkham border on August 22. The suspect had established a group entitled Pakhtun Liberation Army, the official said, adding that the alleged agent had been found in possession of Pakistani and Afghan passports.

According to the available details, the deputy director of the FIA ​​said the suspect agent had traveled to India five times with his Afghan passport. The official said Khatak had been creating riots and anarchy among the Pukhtun people. “I was inciting people against the country, as well as security agencies,” the official said.

He said the case will be handed over to the Department of Fight against Terrorism for further investigation and development.

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