September 22, 2019

Khalil wins quota place for Tokyo 2020, beats Indian shooters

KARACHI: Pakistan’s army shooter, Khalil Akhtar, won a quota for Tokyo 2020 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Monday, beating Indian shooters on his way. Khalil and Ghulam Mustafa Bashir of the Navy participated in the ISSF World Cup Rifle / Pistol that ends on Tuesday (today).

Khalil scored 293 points (99, 98, 96) in the first qualifying round and 293 points (97, 99, 97) in the second in the 25-meter Rapid Fire Pistol event. With a score of 586 points, he qualified for the final in which he scored 10 points to secure sixth place. Khalil secured the Olympic quota since all the other finalists (five) had already qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics or their representative nations had already reached the maximum possible quota for the event.

He beat three Indian shooters, as they could not qualify for the final. Adarsh ​​Singh finished 25th, Anhad Jawanda secured 30th place and Anish finished 19th with a total score of 577 points, the highest among the Indians.

It is worth adding here that India has so far won three gold, three silver and one bronze medals. “This is great news. Winning a fee is a great achievement,” said Pakistan National Fusiliers Association (NRAP) Secretary Razi Ahmed while speaking with “The News.”

Razi said they had decided at a meeting some time ago that they would not accept wild cards for the Olympic Games this time and that the only way would be to win quotas. “We made it clear in our meeting that we would go to Tokyo 2020 just winning places. We would not accept any wild card, ”Razi said.

He said Pakistani shooters will participate in the 14th Asian Shooting Championship to be held in Doha, Qatar, in November.

“We hope to win two more places in the Asian championship. This would be our last participation before Tokyo 2020, “Razi said. Khalil has become the best Pakistani shooter with the 15th world ranking.

According to the ISSF world rankings for September, Khalil jumped to position 15 from 33. Meanwhile, Bashir scored 286 points (98, 94, 94) in the first qualifying round and hit 290 points (97, 98, 95) In the second. He scored 576 points to secure 20th place, beating two Indians.

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