September 22, 2019

Pakistan’s second chance for Kashmir

the history of akistan is full of second chances. On August 5, Narendra Modi and the network of Hindu extremists who now run India could have given Pakistan their latest version of a second national opportunity.

First, let’s understand the problem completely. There are three problems with India that Pakistan must face.

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The first is the problem of Godzilla. Size Matters. 900 million voters. 1.340 million consumers. A GDP that is almost ten times that of Pakistan. In any dispute Pakistan has with India, it is at a disadvantage. It used to be just the size, in terms of population. But in the last two decades, India has developed arrogance in accordance with its size. When Godzilla gets angry, it will hurt you. Because size matters.

The second is the serious problem of the injury. In the penal code, serious injury is defined as “An injury that is extensive or serious, does not heal quickly and causes permanent disfigurement and deformation.” From the Kargil fiasco to the attack on the Indian parliament around the turn of the century, and from the Mumbai attacks of 11/26, to the attacks of Pathankot and Uri in the last decade or so, the incidents or episodes of violence attributed Pakistan has caused a permanent disfigurement and deformity of Indian discourse. Godzilla is not only big. He is very, very angry.

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The third is the problem of Hindutva. India has always had an ugly part of religious extremists who have sought a cleansing of India, so that it can be done purely in the image of Hindutva, although India has never been purely Hindu, and despite the fact that dominant Hinduism is among the largest carp religions on the planet, one that is less vulnerable to the concept of such ‘purity’.

Prime Minister Khan and COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa have found a formula to disarm Godzilla, neutralize a nation’s sense of pain and expose Hindutva’s violence and hatred. You should not doubt that. The next two months will test your resolution in a way that is difficult to express in words. They must stay the course.
Since 2014 (and remember this year, because it is really great for the region), India has allowed the darkest and ugliest part of Hindu extremism to become its face. The washing and integration of the Narendra Modi generation of Hindu extremists in India in the period leading up to the 2014 general elections in India represented the radicalization of all of India. But it has taken more than five years, as well as the Balakot attack of February 2019 and the August 5 attempt to annex occupied Kashmir to record this radicalization.

Of the three problems of India that Pakistan has, two are really problems of Pakistan. Pakistan is vulnerable to a Godzilla-style India just because it refuses to recognize the centrality of the economy for the welfare of its people and the welfare of its people for its national security.

Pakistan is vulnerable to accusations of tolerating non-state actors (NSA) in its territory because it has not been able to properly prepare and deal with a world after September 11 (one that is now 18 years old!) In which violence Politics was enacted in a way even remotely associated with ‘Islam’ will surely meet universal global outrage.

India has discovered how to deploy the problem of Godzilla and the serious problem of injuries, both fundamentally Pakistani problems, against Pakistan itself. But the other problem of India, the problem of Hindutva, is a problem exclusively of India. Until August 5, Pakistan and the rest of the world had given India a pass on this problem.

By turning occupied Kashmir into the largest prison cell in the world on August 5, Hindutva extremists who run India essentially did more to neutralize Pakistan’s weaknesses (and India’s strengths) than Pakistan could have done. .

Perhaps most importantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a tough reminder to Pakistan and the rest of the world that he is not the international statesman who practices yoga and is the first in business that Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and other non-extremist collaborators of the murder of Hindutva The machine has worked very hard to project the world.

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