September 22, 2019

PM’s initiative for backyard poultry farming inaugurated

ISLAMABAD: The government inaugurated the backyard poultry initiative on Monday, designed to provide five million pre-vaccinated birds throughout the country, including the Islamabad Capital Territory, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The total cost of the project is Rs1.635 billion. Of this, governments (federal and provincial) would bear 30 percent of the costs, while 70 percent would be the beneficiary. The Minister of National Food Security and Research, Sahibzada Muhammad Mehboob Sultan, together with the Minister of Livestock and Dairy Development of Punjab, Sardar Hasnain Bahadar Dreshak and Jahangir Khan Tareen, inaugurated the backyard poultry initiative at the Rawalpindi Poultry Research Institute.

Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan said that this program is one of the steps for the supply of animal proteins and other nutritional nutrients to the undernourished population. The minister also said that the provision of cheap poultry products is a good step to address the problem of malnutrition.

“With immense pleasure I am inaugurating the backyard poultry project,” he said. According to the project, five million vaccinated chickens would be distributed at subsidized prices and would be accessible to each and every one.

Mehboob Sultan said that according to the 2018-19 National Nutrition Survey, 40 percent of children up to five years in Pakistan have different physical and mental health problems, and according to the UNICEF survey, Pakistan ranks third in This threat

Sultan said this project could be vital for our women, especially those who live in villages. This initiative will strengthen them physically and economically, as the government strongly believes that empowering women would guarantee a bright future.

Hasnain Dreshak said that this project is a great leap towards self-reliance and poverty alleviation. Jahangir Tareen promised to bring an agricultural revolution for which there will be no stone left unturned. Tareen said that after successfully completing these initiatives, Pakistan could export agricultural products instead of importing.

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